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...for all consumers

For 20 years we had collected thousand of profils. 

So we can, if we need a specific profil, recruit consumer with our database, internet, ...but we prefer to recruit real consumers where they do shopping: in the street !

Consumers all products 

HypnoSurvey® is designed for all the fragrance and flavor's products like fine fragrance, cosmetics, personal care, household cleaning, laundry detergents, food-products, fresh dairy products, beverages, ...


Quali and quanti tests


HypnoSurvey® is designed to be used in quantitative approach and would give you the consumer's addiction level regarding your products. 

A strategic information more powerful than the liking.

Quali Test

With HypnoSurvey®, consumers connect a fragrance or a flavour with their own memories, and can really express the evocation's universe of your products.

Quanti Test

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