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Test under Hypnosis


Create the fragrance & flavour addiction


More powerful than a classical test

1- Neuroscience identified where odors are turned

into long-term memories





2- More memories are old and pleasant,

more addiction to a fragrance is high.

Protocols designed for an easy use

1- Our experience in consumer insight


Hypnosurvey is a consumer insight specialist in most significant market places in the world like Europ, USA, Asia, south america and middle east. 

2- Protocols designed to compare classical answers and under hypnosis

Questions are asked to consumers when they are under hypnosis and when they are conscious. So, hypnosurvey users have 2 understanding levels. 

3- Quali & quanti tests

Hypnosurvey tests increased understanding the perception of a fragrance, a shampoo, a laundry detergent, a yoghurt,.. with rich and powerful verbatim compared with classical qualitative tests.

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