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HypnoSurvey® is a revolution in Market Research

We know the strengths and weaknesses of classical consumer tests. Consumers objectively give their opinion on a fragrance or flavoring but there is a big gap between what consumers like and really desire, what they can buy one time or be addicted for life.


The desire is complex to determine. It depends on the personal history of each consumer, childhood memories, nature, cooking, joy, love, smell and taste ... The memory is objective but mostly unconscious.


For 3 years, our R&D teams has conduced experiences with hypnotherapists, anesthetists, academic teachers, to design protocols able to investigate consumer's conscious and subconscious.


The results are beyond our hopes.


Quantitative test HypnoSurvey® conducted with more than 1,200 women gave clear answers about why fragrances are so successful after many years and why others perfumes are dropped after a first purchase.


Qualitative tests HypnoSurvey®, increased understanding the perception of a fragrance, a shampoo, a laundry detergent, a yoghurt,.. with rich and powerful verbatim compared with classical qualitative tests.


HypnoSurvey® has earned a nomination for "The Cosmetic Victories" which rewards innovative companies in the cosmetics and perfume industry.

20 Years

Of Experience

And Innovation

In Consumer Insight

HypnoSurvey® has been developed with our internal ressources and with external leading experts like sociologists, ethnologists, anthropologists, psychologists,...


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